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Fantastic Match Between Chandigarh Vs King Elevan at Maharishi Aazaad Stadium|#Maharishi #Megastar

The Biggest Cricket Championship Of IndiaMaharishi Aazaad Cricket championship is continuing with full enthusiasm since last January 15,2023 at the Maharishi Aazaad Stadium in Kashi province. Organized under the aegis of Maharishi Aazaad Cricket Association and Maharishi Aazaad Sports Club, in this unprecedented cricket championship, where on the one side a blatant wave of enthusiasm and happiness is being seen among the sports lovers, on the other hand the budding sports talents of the state are also getting a golden opportunity.

Different teams of the state are fighting and competing with each other at the Maharishi Aazaad Stadium. Sports and cricket talents are getting a chance to show their talent with immense public support. Cricket lovers of the state are calling it Maharishi Aazaad Cricket Mahakumbh.

It is known that Megastar Maharishi Aazaad has established Maharishi Aazaad Sports Club for the protection and promotion of budding players.

Maharishi's aim is to fulfill the cricketing needs of the players as well as to make them international level cricketers by giving them good training and opportunities. Rich in versatility.

Maharishi Aazaad is known and considered as a creative person in the country and abroad. With the aim of propagating and disseminating India's culture to every nook and corner of the world, he created the world's first mainstream Sanskrit film AHAM BRAHMASMI and also brought out the greatest revolutionary Chandrashekhar Aazaad from the darkness of history and introduced him to the world audience with Master piece movie RASHTRAPUTRA.

International Megastar Of The World Maharishi Aazaad Is The Student Of Military School, The Ultimate Megastar Of The World, International Brand Ambassador Of Sanskrit & Sanskrit Mahanayak is the only filmmaker in the World who is making movies in multiple languages in the world with a noble purpose to unite the whole world through Art, culture, literature & cinematic creation with his cinematic talent.

संस्कृतं विश्वस्य सर्वोत्तमा सम्पूर्णा च भाषास्ति, महर्षि आजादः!

संस्कृत विश्व की सर्वोत्तम व संपूर्ण भाषा है, महर्षि आज़ाद !


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