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Maharishi Aazaad Says Theatres Should be Banned Until We Find COVID-19 Vaccine

The First Nationalist Megastar Of India Maharishi Aazaad, International Ambassador Of Sanskrit, Military School Student, Sanskrit Mahanayak The Ultimate Megastar Maharishi Aazaad said that movie theatres should remain closed till the COVID-19 vaccine comes. Movie theatres are no use for the common people, only a handful of movie mafias and popcorn-samosa merchants will be the beneficiaries.

Maker Of First Movie Life & Thought of Greatest revolutionary of India Chandrashekhar Azad RASHTRAPUTRA & First Mainstream Sanskrit Film Of The World Aham brahmasmi. Maharishi Aazaad said common people will be severely affected by a coronavirus in a soundproof closed door & Non-Ventilated auditorium.

Maharishi Aazaad says until we find a Vaccine for COVID-19 theatres should be shut down in an interview with the ‘National News Bureau.'

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