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The Biggest Cricket tournament of India Maharishi Aazaad Cricket Championship is postponed

Bhadohi, 19 February:

Maharishi Aazaad Cricket Championship, India's largest rural tournament, organized by the Aazaad Federation and Aazaad Sports Club in Kusauda and Medhi, Suriyawan, Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh at the Megastar Maharishi Aazaad Stadium was supposed to be start on the birthday of Sanskrit Mahanayak Megastar Maharishi Aazaad i. e. March 3, 2021, but due to triple heart open surgery of Maharishi Aazaad's mother Smt. Hira Devi, as she is admitted at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai, India's largest rural tournament, Maharishi Aazaad Cricket Championship, was postponed.

Sanjay Srivastava, President, Aazaad Sports Club, and the management team have postponed the upcoming cricket championship starting March 3, 2021. Sanjay Srivastava said that Sanskrit Mahanayak Megastar Maharishi Aazaad's mother is an Admitted at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai where she will undergo triple open heart surgery, due to which she will not be present at the tournament.

Smt. Hira Devi

Smt. Hira Devi at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai

Sanjay Srivastava further said that the student of the military school, International brand ambassador of Sanskrit, Sanskrit Mahanayak Megastar Maharishi Aazaad is our source of inspiration, hence his presence is mandatory during the match. Therefore the management team of Aazaad Sports Club has decided to postpone the match till the upcoming date.

Maharshi Aazaad, who illuminated the name of India through the Brahma Vakya Aham Brahmasmi of Sanatan Bharat

International Brand Ambassador of Sanskrit Megastar Maharishi Aazaad

Sanjay Srivastava told that all the matches of this time will be world class as per the order of Maharishi Aazaad. In which many states of the country will participate.

Megastar Maharishi Aazaad

Megastar Maharishi Aazaad Stadium, Medhi

All the players are busy preparing and practicing for the next date of India's biggest rural tournament will be announced as soon as possible.

Megastar Maharishi Aazaad

International Brand Ambassador of Sanskrit Maharishi Aazaad


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